Terms & Conditions Autorent


Bookings can be made through www.autorent.gr or by telephone at +302109215430. The person making the making the reservation has to be at minimum 18 years old. Autorent, is not responsible for errors in services because of false information given at the time of booking.

The price quotes made by Autorent are applicable only for seven days. Upon lapse of the seven days, as long as the client has not accepted the offer, the offer ceases to be in effect

A booking may be made up to 48 hours before the reservation date online. You can call us at +302109215430 or email us at info@transfers-athens.com to make a reservation that begins within 48 hours. Bookings made within 24 hours until the reservation date will be charged with €8 extra.


The 50% amount of the reservation must be paid in advance, at the time of booking by credit, debit card, PayPal. As soon as Autorent receives the reservation, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address given by the person making the booking.

Child Seats

Child seats are available with an extra charge of €5 per seat.

Child Pricing

All children of all ages should be calculated and added in the number of persons occupying the vehicle.


Amendments can be made by sending us an email at info@transfers-athens.com or by calling us at +302109215430. All amendments have a €2 administration fee.


All cancellations that occur within 5 days of departure are subject to 100% cancellation fee. In cancellations when more than 5 days remain until departure, 50% of the total amount will be returned. If 20 days or more remain until departure then all of the amount of the booking is entirely refunded to you.

In case of cancellation of your flight, ferry trip or cruise due to reasons that you are not responsible of, please inform us of it and there will be no cancellation fee (after verification that your argument is valid).

The following are examples of situations that you are not responsible of: flight cancelations vandalism and terrorism severe weather conditions unforeseen traffic delays other circumstances affecting passenger safety

Conditions of carriage 

Passengers are not allowed to consume any beverages or food on any of the vehicles. They are only allowed to drink water. Smoking is also strictly prohibited.

Included or not included in price

Fuel, car insurance, VAT and Tolls are included. Tips are not included.

Luggage Capacity

It is your responsibility to book the appropriate vehicle that fits all of your luggage.

Meeting point

It is your responsibility to wait at the appointed meeting point written in your confirmation email.

Trip Duration

The durations of all transfers calculated are as accurate as possible but may vary due to weather conditions and traffic.


If you have a complaint please email us at info@transfers-athens.com or call us at +302109215340 so that we can resolve it.

Travel Insurance

It is your responsibility to get a travel insurance and to ensure that the insurance cover you purchase is suitable and adequate for your particular needs. 


All personal information that we collect from you will be solely for our own use and we will not pass it over to any third parties.

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