Private Tours in Greece

Private tours in Greece - Athens - Corinth - Mycenae - Nafplio - Sparti - Mystras - Spilaia Dirou - Aeropoli - Kardamyli - Athens (3 Days Tour)

Athens - Corinth - Mycenae - Nafplio - Sparti - Mystras - Spilaia Dirou - Aeropoli - Kardamyli - Athens (3 Days Tour)


The entire private tour duration will be 3 days.

The distance from Athens - Corinth - Mycenae - Nafplio - Sparti - Mystras - Spilaia Dirou - Aeropoli - Kardamyli - Athens is around 668klm - 9 hours drive in total.

Our first stop is Corinth (84klm from Athens - 1 hour drive), which is almost one hour away from Athens. There you pass by the famous Corinth canal, which separates the Peloponnese from central Greece. The interesting part of the tour is the visit to ancient Corinth where you will have the chance to see famous archaeological sites such as the Temple of Apollo, the Acrocorinth, the Ancient Theater and the Roman Odeum.

After Corinth we will drive towards Mycenae (42klm from Corinth - 40 minutes drive). Mycenae is one of the most famous archaeological sites in Greece. There, we will visit the Mycenae acropolis and the museum. We will have lunch there.

Then we will head towards Nafplio (23klm from Mycenae - 30 minutes drive). Nafplio was the second capital of Greece after Mesologgi until the capital became Athens. It is an historical city due to its meaning to the Greek Revolution. It has a very uniquely stone built centre with neoclassical houses. There are numerous worthwhile monuments to visit in Nafplion such as: Vouleftikon, the first parliament of the Greek Nation, the Venetian Headquarters (an archeological museum), St Spyridon church (the first governor of Greece was killed there), St George church (the metropolis of the town), the war museum, the stone museum, the ouzo museum, the kompoloi museum, the municipal art gallery, Palamidi castle, Bourtzi castle and many more. We will spend the night in Nafplio.

In the morning we will walk around Nafplio and around noon we will start driving to Sparti  (113klm from Nafplio – 1 hour 30 minutes drive) where we will visit the Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil, the Archaeological Museum of Sparta and the Archaeological Museum of Mystras. Modern day Sparti, capital of the prefecture of Laconia, lies on the eastern foothills of Mount Taygetos in the Evrotas River valley. The city has been built upon the site of ancient Sparta.

We will stay a couple of hours in Sparti and then we will head towards Mystras (5,5 klm from Sparti – 10 minute drive), which is a fortified town and is part of the municipality of Sparti. After we spend around 1 hour in the archeological site of Mystras we will head towards Spilaio Dirou (70 klm from Mystras – 1 hour drive), which is in the municipality of Oitilo and is one of the most beautiful caves in the world. We will spend the night in Oitilo.

In the morning we will head towards Aeropoli (13 klm from Oitilo – 12 minutes drive), which is in Mani. It is a very interesting town because it has kept its old buildings and keeps its traditional spirit. It was one of the towns that kept its independence during the Ottoman Empire.

Finally our last stop is Kardamyli (44klm from Aeropoli – 40 minutes drive), which is a traditional town full of beautiful beaches. It is an ideal spot for summer vacation. We can make a stop for a swim if the weather allows it and have lunch in Kardamyli.

When the tour in Kardamyli is over (in the evening), we will head back to Athens (275klm away from Kardamyli - 3 hours drive).

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