Private Tours in Greece

Private tours in Greece - Athens - Delphi - Arachova - Osios Loukas - Athens (Full Day)

The entire private tour duration will be approximately 12 hours.

The distance to Delphi - Arachova - Osios Loukas is totally arround 220klm -3 hours and the return to Athens arround 160klm - 2 hours.

We will stay arround 90minutes in every location (there is also the possibility to make it a 2 day tour, please contact us at info@autorent to receive a quote and more details).

We will first reach Delphi in order to visit its archaeological sites: the Sanctuary of Apollo, and the Sanctuary of Athena with the Tholos, as well as the museum. In ancient times it was the site of the most important oracle of the god Apollo. Delphi was considered to be the centre of the universe. After the battle of Plataea, the Greek cities extinguished their fires and brought new fire from the hearth of Greece, at Delphi.

Near Delphi we can find Arachova which is a beautiful village, it is the most posh mountain spot in Greece. Skiers rest there, eat and drink after the end of each day in the ski center of Parnassos which is situated nearby.

After the lunch break and walk in Arachova we will make a stop in the monastery of Hosios Loukas near Distomo which is is the largest of three monasteries surviving from the Middle Byzantine period in Greece.

Finally we will head back towards Athens.

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