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Athens – Meteora − Athens

One of the most interesting places to visit in Greece is Meteora. Not only because of the beautiful, breathtaking views but also because of the 6 unique monasteries: Agiou Nikolaou monastery (St. Nickolas Anapausas), Agias Varvaras Rousanou monastery (St. Barbara), Varlaam monastery, Megalou Meteorou monastery (Great Meteoron), Agias Triados monastery (Holy Trinity), Agiou Stefanou monastery (St. Stephen, the only monastery for women).

Most of them have entrance fees, usually around €2.

The distance from Athens is approximately 380klm, no more than 4,5 hours by car.

Tip: Women are allowed to enter monasteries only when wearing long skirts, the monasteries provide them to visitors. Also men have to wear long trousers, not shorts.


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